Tracked & Traced at the MSU MUSEUM, 2021


At the MSU Museum in East Lansing, I designed an exhibition that with the goal of making the visitor feel watched.

The topic of the exhibition was surveillance. There were close to twenty artworks from around the world that addressed surveillance, and it was my job to marry those artworks in an aesthetically pleasing way, while also adding these clever design elements around the gallery that did not take away from the artworks, but enhanced visitor understanding of them.

The curatorial staff I worked with created an “exhibit hierarchy” of themes they wanted the visitor to be aware of during their time in the gallery. Since the topic was surveillance, I devised a circuit-board with traces that stemmed out from each hierarchy theme, branching to each exhibit the theme fell under. I also designed exhibit labels and some freaky lenticular eyes, which moved with the visitor. The goal was to place an eyeball in a sneaky place all over the gallery, so there wasn’t a moment the guest was not feeling watched.