Pop-Post home page on both mobile and desktop
Pop-Post shop page on both mobile and desktop

For this project, I designed the new Pop-Post website from the ground up, based on the Pop-Post style guide and assets.

Pop-Post is an independent entertainment studio, showcasing female creators & artists in a gaming, comics, animation, and pop-culture space. They put out a regular YouTube show as well as a Twitch gaming stream, and for that reason, I wanted to design the site in a way that combined all those aspects in a streamlined, interactive environment that would unite their fanbase in one central hub.

The client also wanted a shop where they could sell not only Pop-Post merch, but local artist merchandise for those who were involved in the Pop-Post community. The shop link is on full display on the homepage for easy accessibility, and details ways for the user to become involved as a “Featured Artist” in the shop page. Colors and font choices carry over from the style guide to the shop as well as the site.