Interactive flip panels
Family tree panel with laser-cut wooden frames
Interactive magnet timeline, where guests can add events and learn about the city of Rochester

This two-year project was a complete re-design of the Van Hoosen Farm Museum in Rochester Hills, MI.

Four generations of Van Hoosen women who were pioneers of their time in medicine and agriculture are represented here. My job was to design their story in a way that showcased these women properly and helped tell the tale of women empowerment in a historical museum, an environment where women are often omitted.

Through bold design work and interactives that bring the museum goer deeper into the Van Hoosen tale, I helped tell the story of these women in a way that was provocative and innovative. “Word-cloud” panels printed on wood give the visitor a chance to learn bite-sized information about the Van Hoosens that can then warrant a deeper dive into the history through other panels if one wishes. Mock “Instagram” video panels allow the user to “like” historical photos taken by each of the women. Back-lit, hand-colored old photographs bring the history of these women to life. Laser-cut wooden frames on the Van Hoosen family tree add a personal touch and a 3-D element to the exhibit.