96X96″ vinyl with PVC cutouts

For this project, I was asked to design an honorary wall for Leonard Woodcock. Woodcock began his career as a machinist in Detroit, where he became the UAW President and eventually, the U.S. Ambassador to China under President Carter. Throughout his career, Woodcock remained active in the Civil Rights Movement, Detroit affairs, and Wayne State University.

With this in mind, I used the UAW logo as a starting point for the design. With the logo haloing around his head before branching off into traits that make up Woodcock, I pulled colors from the Detroit automotive industry to tie it back to the UAW. The gear shape with the spokes is also indicative of machinery shapes. The final design is a combination of vinyl and PVC prints to give the work a 3D effect. This wall can be viewed at the Wayne State University Walter P. Reuther Library.