For this project, I was tasked with designing a photo gallery of vintage photos from the Van Hoosen Farm in Rochester, MI into an Instagram-esque interactive that runs on a touchscreen. The idea was to bring old photos into a more modern format that would entice kids and adults alike, since it hangs in the Van Hoosen Farm museum.

There are three women who lived on the farm who had taken photos of their life around the farm and of their travels around the world, so I gave each an identity, similar to Instagram, with a short description about each woman for users to explore.

The photo gallery links to a fullscreen image when tapped. Under the image, there is room for captions and a functioning “like” button that counts how many times an image has been “liked” by users who visit the museum exhibit.

The finished photo gallery runs entirely on HTML, with no internet connection, resizes automatically to fit any application, and scrolls so users can easily access all the pictures. For your view, I’ve provided a mock version which runs the same way, but likes will not be recorded and internet is necessary. Click the link above to try the mock out yourself!