Open Jar.jpg
4″x4″x2″ glass jars with inkjet printed labels
6″x2.5″ honey spoons with inkjet printed label
5″x7″ style manual, Japanese stab binding
3.3″x2.16″ business cards, card stock

For this project, I was tasked with designing a tea company that appealed to millennial tea drinkers, such as people who shop on Etsy. With this main goal in mind, I knew the labels had to be bright, the ingredients had to be organic and healthy, and the labels had to tell consumers the truth about what they were drinking; no more tea labels boasting claims such as “passion” and “rejuvenate.” The name of the brand promotes thoughts of calm and happiness, and you can’t have tea without honey, so this company produces both. The style manual details the specifics of the brand including placement of imagery and how to utilize the logo on different applications. Illustrations are hand-drawn, including the logo.