5.5″x7.5″ black one color screen printed poster board case 
12″x5″x2″ two-color screen print on cardboard CD case
Standard inkjet printed CD 
9″x28″ inkjet posters with lyrics
28″x18″ screen printed shirt
Detail shot

This was a band merchandise package for the band Foxing and their album, “The Albatross.” Their music has a lot of nature themes which I chose to represent abstractly through shapes. The theme of nature also translates to the cardboard CD case I chose to use, as well as the recycled shirt I screen printed on. All paper components of the package fold up into the black case, pictured on the next page. From a packaging standpoint, I wanted to think about what the final design would look like if someone ordered the package online, and how the components would all fit together to form a cohesive piece.