Standard banner ads shown in an out-of-app environment
300×250 pixels 
320×50 pixels 
320×480 pixels 
Native ad, shows in-app when user adds items to their preferred grocery list app
Native ad, detail shot

Once a proposal is approved and goes to ad production, standard banner ads are created from the company’s brand assets and style guide. Sometimes the initial creative from the proposal will change during the final ad campaign, since a proposal aims to show the client the look and feel of what a final ad campaign with their assets could look like. I will work with the client to update copy and assets accordingly to fit the vision of their initial RFP come ad production. Think of proposals as a pitch to that company or brand, and ad production as a final draft.

Banner ads show up in out-of-app settings, such as lifestyle blogs, social media, and other locations the user visits to encourage the user to add the item promoted to their preferred shopping app list. (The shopping app Buy Me a Pie! is shown here.)

Native ads are also designed, with specific copy and asset imagery that relates to the ad campaign, which also encourages the user to add the item to their shopping list, but in-app while they’re using the application. (Shopping app Buy Me a Pie! shown here.)

When an ad campaign ends, I create an infographic “wrap report” to show the client how their products performed during the campaign. You can view and example here.

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