Fig 2, pal. The atelier turning even the most mythical ideas into stories. Come with me. I’ll explain.




  1. a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

I am Cashmere Morley, aforementioned artist and designer. Pleasure to meet you!

Fig 2 is a culmination of all of my hirable assets: graphic design, exhibition design, writing, video work, and photography. The difference between Fig 2 and any other design firm is that I do it all.

I am a graphic designer by trade, currently residing and designing in Southeast Michigan. I’ve been working freelance for close to ten years. I’ve made it all: from t-shirts, invitations, business cards, banners and flyers to mobile ad campaigns and museum exhibitions. If you’ve ever clicked on an ad, passed by a shipper palette at CostCo, or wandered the halls of a United States museum in the last five years, you’ve seen something I’ve made.

Hire me for UX/UI Design (such as websites and banner ads,) Print Design, Branding & Identity solutions, and Exhibition Design work. The latter of these projects is born from of lovely collaboration I have with a design/build firm in southeast Michigan — while the graphic design is solely my own work, the fabrication and implementation is a result of a coalescence of collaboration with that team.

My work has been featured nationally as well as statewide and locally. That’s coming from an Eastern Michigan University grad before the age of 24. Where my Eagles at? (I was born in 1993, in case you were wondering my age, currently. I may pop-quiz you on this later if you call me for a work inquiry, so I can tell if you’ve read my bio or not.)

That’s one fig, as they say. There’s also the part of me that went to school for journalism and wound up with a double degree in arts and communication. Splitting my love between writing and the arts, always. That journalism part didn’t go away when I pursued an art career; she constantly knocks at my door. And I let her in. Click Writing under Blog to see some of the places and people I’ve gotten to write about lately.

Photography is where you’ll find the latest snaps I’ve taken while on a job. I use a Canon Mark II. Follow my latest adventures through my eyes.

My life is strange, and wonderful, and fulfilling. I am thankful every moment for the weird and whimsical work I am able to create. Even if you aren’t on this page to contact me for work, I do hope you will follow my little corner of the web if only for occasional inspiration and maybe a dash of hope.

But if you are here for graphic design, writing, or photography: contact me anytime! I’m always looking for new projects.